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About Us

What we're about at Connected City

Welcome to Connected City!

We are a social club based on connecting with oneself, each other and to our community.  We connect through shared activities, experiences, laughs and conversation. All of our activities are outdoors because being outside is the best, and currently is also the safest place to be (looking at you covid).

Our mission at Connected City is to make people feel connected to an extent never experienced before.  We are seeking the fill the void that modern society has left in most our lives.  Most of us: want more fun things to do, people to meet, friends to have, partners to experience, and be part of something bigger or more meaningful than just ourselves.  Connected City does all this and more.

Members of Connected City have access to at least three events per week, plus access to artists, musicians, and special events the general public doesn’t even know exist.

Each week Connected City hosts Beach Volleyball, Meditation and a Drum Circle.  These activities are not particular to the social club but what is unique is the intentional way each event is run and the people that make up Connected City.  Each event is created to be as connecting, fun, and meaningful as possible.  Little tweaks such as introducing members to one another, catering events with food and drink, and having a vibe that makes everyone feel comfortable enough to say hi to someone they don’t know; make a powerful impact.

Our social club is made up of fun, happy, kind and intentional individuals with a passion for connecting.  Our members come from all walks of life with different backgrounds, ideas and ways of being, but share in the desire to connect with more people in a positive atmosphere.

If you’re sick of living through screens, not having enough fun shit to do, and want to experience having a community of the coolest people in the city; THIS CLUB IS FOR YOU.

“As a social worker a regular self-care routine is absolutely essential to the well-being of my mental health. Connected city has provided me with an easy, fun, and creative way to prioritize this. Along with meeting so many new friends I have also gotten to keep my mind and body healthy!”

Photo of Demi Demi

“If I had to choose one thing that has the biggest impact on my happiness, it would without a doubt be the quality of connections that I have with other people. On the surface, Connected City provides activities for people to gather and have fun. The reality is that Connected City is much deeper than that though. CC starts by creating an intentional space for people to be comfortable being themselves. This space is the foundation for individuals to engage in a meaningful way and organically develop a strong sense of community. I am excited to go to more events to meet more cool people and continue to get to know the individuals that I have already connected with. These events instill in me a feeling of wholesomeness that I carry with me into my work and my personal life. I cannot encourage you enough to give CC a try for one week and let your experience speak for itself!”

Photo of Cam Cam

“As we all know, COVID took the wind out of a lot of social sails throughout 2020 and in early 2021. Connected City Social Club is a boon to those who have been craving social interaction! All of the members I have interacted with are fun and full of energy. They are excited to meet new people and expand their respective comfort zones with the range of activities offered by our host Dusty. The volleyball games are fun, friendly, and all inclusive. The drum circle is a good time to get into rhythm with your peers and your surroundings. Even the guided meditation, something I had never done before CCSC, was masterfully executed with the serene ambiance duo of Dusty’s voice and the background music. Connected City Social Club already feels like it has a little something for everyone, and it’s just getting started! You aren’t going to want to miss out on these wonderful events!”

Photo of Griffin Griffin

“Connected City stands for something that I believe in strongly- that connection with others is the foundation of our happiness and our wellbeing. It is unfortunate that the world we live in today makes it challenging to create and maintain authentic connection with the world around us. I personally believe that it has never been more important than now to love, support and inspire each other. Connected City truly accomplishes this by creating an avenue for affordable and enjoyable connection. The feeling of happiness and content that I felt after a CC event lasted for days and I am immensely thankful for this growing community!”

Photo of Milana Milana

“I honestly can’t say enough good things about Connected City! After being cooped up inside for so long because of COVID I was extremely eager to get out and meet new people, and CC gave me the perfect opportunity to do so. The activities were a blast (the volleyball games were my favorite), but most importantly, everyone I met was very welcoming and equally excited to form new friendships. If you’re also looking to get out of the house and flex those social muscles again, this is the perfect way to do it.”

Photo of Stefan Stefan

Founder and Member, Dusty Smith

Hi, I’m Dusty and I’m the Founder and a member of Connected City Social Club.

I started this club because I realized through my own experiences and through the experiences of my friends, that living in the “real world” wasn’t as connecting and fulfilling as it should be! I’d experienced a rich social culture in university and also while traveling in hostels through South America, so I knew much more was possible. But how to bring people together in a positive, fun, and connecting way? How about through crafting a social environment based on positive, fun and authentic individuals coming together for the same reason: connection!

The idea was born and with amazing support from my friends and family, here I am: running the most connecting and fun social club known to planet earth!

All we're missing is you!

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